Adventures in Bottle Babysitting: Part 1

18 July, 2014

On May 28, Kavi and I decided to open up our home to two little kittens who were two and a half weeks old that required bottle feeding. Animal Humane Society has a program set up for kittens that are too young for solid food, and without a mother, called “Bottle Babies.” As I drove to pick them up, I was full of excitement and a sense of great responsibility. I’ve never had something that small rely on me, and taking care of these Bottle Babies requires much more care than a regular pet does. In certain ways they are so fragile, (in fact, some of them do perish), but in other ways, as nature makes them, they are so hearty (especially when fighting with each other).

Our babies are the one on the right (Scooter) and the tortie facing forward (Bella Bandit).  Very soon, they will be available to be adopted Animal Humane Society.  (And if you are interested in adopting them, tell me very soon, I'd love someone I know to take them!).


Thankfully, I was given a well-stocked kit from the Animal Humane Society that was generously donated by Target and put together by their Volunteer Council. It made things so much easier. I could focus on providing care to the kittens instead of looking around my house for items or having to purchase them on my own.   For example, when one of the kittens was not taking well to the bottle, I was able to offer him some corn syrup from the kit, to help supplement his feeding. The scale was very important so I could monitor their weights as they grew.

Getting them to figure out the bottle was quite the challenge.  Scooter, never was very good at eating from it, but his sister Bandit was a good eater.  Kavi enjoyed bottle-feeding her.


Soon these little squeakers became little puff balls.

More to come on these baby kittens in Part II!




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