It is Kitten Season!

26 May, 2015

It is Kitten Season again!  In the spring, after feral, stray and unsprayed/neutered pet cats get out and do their thing, 60 days later comes kittens to socialize before they are old enough to be adopted.  We foster cats for Animal Humane Society and we have our first batch of kittens.  The orange one is named Bixby, but we nicknamed it Nacho.  The grey gal is named Tori, but we nicknamed her Swiffer because her fur looks like a Swiffer Duster after a ton of dust is collected.

Kavi and I both get so much joy from fostering kittens.  They remind you what it is like to be young.  To learn.  To be so eager.  And they learn so fast!  On Friday they were very scared of people since they were born to a feral mom, and on Tuesday, they were both purring in my arms.

If you ever need a pick me up, just watch kittens play.

Thankfully these little guys will get adopted quickly at Animal Humane Society, but we need to keep spaying and neutering our pets so that we don't have so many pets that need homes all year long.



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