Eight Pound Raw Dog Food Chubs are Great for Big Dogs

31 October, 2016

Lena Swanson is a regular customer who owns multiple big dogs. She is animal communicator and holistic healer. You can read more about her on her website http://lenaswanson.com/.

She was kind enough to take some photos of how she uses Golden Acres eight pound chubs to feed her furry best friends.

Here you can see that twelve 8 pound chubs fit comfortably into one section of her upright freezer.

raw dog food chubs in freezer

Lena uses a 14-gallon plastic tote to defrost the chubs. Because the chubs are thoroughly frozen it usually takes a few hours to defrost depending on the weather. 

She can feed one meal from the defrosted chub and portion the rest into gladware containers.

Clean up is easier than you think as your dogs will love to help!

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