About Us

Golden Acres History

In 1995, Kelli Johnson started Golden Acres because she thought our pets deserved better food than the, junk, frankly, that is in commercial dog and cat food. In 1999, she focused on local, raw and whole pet food after learning more about its benefits.

Today at Golden Acres we are dedicated to creating the healthiest food choices for our pets, that are locally-sourced, and are made following humane, ecologically sustainable and socially responsible practices.  Our high quality ingredients always come from local Minnesota farms and our food is manufactured monthly, ensuring freshness.  If you are looking for the best food for your furry family members, you've found the right place.

Meet the Family

Kavi Turnbull
Top Dog & Owner

Kavi is a dyed-in-the-wool Minnesotan who loves the outdoors and animals. From an early age he fell in love with dogs, cats, and all types of pets. Kavi is an alternative energy enthusiast and aspires to build a house completely off the grid. When not running Golden Acres you can find Kavi playing in the Minnesota wilderness and teaching classes at Century College.

Ask him about: Why he loves cars as old as himself and how he used to collect vegetable oil from the college cafeteria to power his Mercedes.   

Lucy Turnbull
Senior Golden Acres Taste Tester

At the ripe age of 10 years old Lucy might be a senior dog but thanks to a raw diet she has the energy of a puppy! She is a Boston Terrier rescue who loves to snore loudly when she naps. 

Bundar Turnbull
Junior Golden Acres Taste Tester

Bundar is a five year old polydactal black cat from RPAW. Bundar means “monkey” in Hindi, and Kavi named her that after she climbed up his back a few times while she was still a kitten. Bundar has two extra toes on each paw, which brings her total number of toes to 24! One of her brothers in the litter had three extra toes on each paw which meant he had 28 toes! That apparently ties for the world record!