Why feed raw?

  • Raw is the way animals were meant to eat. After feeding your pet Golden Acres raw pet food you will notice a difference in their coat and demeanor. Not only is our product raw, but it contains high-quality, nutritionally balanced levels of animal muscle, bone and organs, which is what our pets need.

Is raw safe?

  • Animals are meant to eat raw. In the wild, they hunt and eat raw food. We use the highest quality ingredients available including free-range livestock and 100% organic vegetables in our food. All ingredients come from local Minnesota farms that make products you will find in some of the finest restaurants in the Twin Cities.  Read more about our farm suppliers here.

How do I transition my pet to raw?

  • Go slow, start by adding 10% of our raw mix to your dog or cat's food. Continue by adding 5%-10% of raw food per day, just be mindful of your pet's behavior and do not go too fast. Transition times will vary, some dogs and cats transition in a few weeks and some take two months. Occasionally loose stools can occur during the transition, if this happens simply slow the addition of raw food down.

How much raw should I feed?

  • Each animal is different.  Their size, breed, age activity level, and possible medical conditions make each animal unique in their dietary needs.  The best way to determine how much to feed in the long run is to start with an approximate amount and then watch your pet.  If he/she is gaining weight, cut back.  If he/she is losing weight, increase.  After a couple of months, you'll know what is right for your pet. That said, here are some rule of thumb guidelines we have seen over the past 18 years:
    • Medium & Large Breed Adult Dogs - 2% - 3% of their body weight daily
    • Small Breed Adult Dogs and Medium & Large Breed Puppies - 5%-7% of their body weight daily
    • Small Breed Puppies - up to 10% of their body weight daily
    • Adult Cats - 3%-5% of their body weight daily
    • Kittens - 6%-8% of their body weight daily

Can I supplement raw with other foods?

  • Yes, you may. The majority of our customers feed our raw mixes as they contain the optimum nutrition for your pet in an easy to feed chub. However, it is ok to supplement with other pet food products depending on your situation. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you add supplements to the food?

  • We don’t and most other brands do. We try and emulate what is found in nature, when you read our ingredient labels all you will see is meat, bone, organ and vegetables. NOTHING ELSE.

Are there any preservatives?

  • Nope!  Every ingredient in Golden Acres pet food is recognizable, as you will see on our ingredient labels our product is 100% free-range meat, bone, organ and organic vegetables (depending on which mix you purchase).

What is the Golden Acres meat mix packaging like?

  • Golden Acres premium raw meat mixes come frozen in 2lb and 8lb chubs (plastic bags). They are 7.5 inch by 4.5 inch in the  2lb chub and 16 inch by 5 inch in the 8lb chub. They are available in 32lbs cases of either chub size in a box that measures 16.75 inch by 10.75 inch by 8.75 inch.
    • In the photo below an 8lb chub is pictured to the right of two 2lb chubs: